Mount Ararat Expedition!

Where did Noah's ark come to rest?

It may be on modern-day Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey.

Join us in climb in this newly reopened area.

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Mount Ararat Climbing and Mountaineering Expeditions
Mount Ararat Expedition, AREX in short, is an Outdoor, Adventure, Trekking, Travel and Expedition Company. Based in Turkey and founded by local Tourism Professionals from Dogubayazit. Mount Ararat Expedition’s team has been in tourism business since 1990, offers guided tours, climbing and trekking expeditions to Mount Ararat, Mt. Kackar, Mt. Nemrut, Mt. Suphan and Cappadocia in Turkey and guided climbing expeditions to other country like Mount Damavand Iran, Mt. Fuji Japan and Mt. Elbrus Russia.

Mount Ararat Climb Trekking And Tours

Mount Ararat Extreme Pack is good for who have short time for climb Mount Ararat and high altitude mountain experience.

This pack good for who is are all ready in Turkey or route of travel passing from plane of Mount Ararat Dogubayazit.

This pack is ideal for who have a short holiday, time and wish to climb to Mount Ararat.

This climb pack made for the persons who want to spend longer time in the Mount Ararat with natural and local wonders to feel more of being in the high altitude and take they’re time slow to enjoy the Biblical Mount Ararat.

Packs good for who have a long holiday and want spend more time around Mount Ararat.

Good for who are thinking to do walking and trekking Mt. Ararat highest Mountain of the Turkey and same time have some cultural trip in west and east of Turkey.

Mount Ararat Climb Information

The Bible does not refer to any specific mountain or peak, but rather a mountain range, "the mountains of Ararat". Nonetheless, one particular tradition identifies the mountain as Mount Masis which is called Mount Ararat. Click image for more Mount Ararat information.

This reading includes climbing story of first American (and seventh Mount Ararat expeditions) Climb to Mount Ararat. In June of 1890, two young men left on a epic journey. Along the way and almost incidentally, the two men became the first Americans to scale Mount Ararat. At that time only six other parties claimed to have climbed the Mount Ararat. Click image for more reading.

Mountain Expedition is great adventure and most serious undertaking of your life. Ararat Expedition cuts no corners in providing the best and safest possible chance of success. Our years of experience have allowed us to refine our service and create a structure entirely geared to your safety and success Mount Ararat climb.
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